Forex-Euro continues to decline burdened by Greek crisis

The euro continued to extensively during Monday trading, after the failure of recent talks between Greece and international creditors that collapsed without an agreement over the weekend.
The EUR/USD has fallen to a record low at the time after 1.1421 1.1189 earlier.
And failed talks in Brussels between Greece and EU representatives to reach agreement on reforming the retirement system and general budget and tax rates, adding to fears of a debt default would threaten the future of Greece in the euro area.
Europe Greece requests a reduction of expenditures worth 2 billion euros to reach an agreement that would open the field for additional funds before expiry of the decision at the end of June and must pay 1 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund.
Also put EU officials blamed the breakdown of talks on Greece, saying it failed to provide any new reforms to secure the financing you need.
In an interview published on Monday by Finance Minister ruled out Greece Yannis varovks exit Greece from the euro zone. Adding to debt restructuring is the only way to go.

And investors await eurozone finance ministers ‘ meeting on Thursday, which was seen as the last chance in Greece to reach agreement.
He said European Central Bank President Mario Draghi Monday that the question of debt payment deficit in Greece would be a “non-issue”, but added that he believed the decision-makers have necessary to find a solution to the crisis.
And the decline in the Euro/Yen rate of 0.18% to 92.4.
At the same time, the USD/JPY to 771.37.
Investors remained cautious monetary policy meeting results held on Wednesday and a statement of interest rate by the Federal Reserve, looking for clear indications about the timing of start raising interest rates.

The dollar showed little reaction after the publication of data showing that us industrial production fell unexpectedly in June.
The Fed said that {{industrial production | ecI161 I}} slipped by 0.2% last month, disappointing expectations that were awaiting the rise of 0.3%. Industrial production slipped by 0.5% in April, the number decreased by 0.3%
Another report showed that {{index morale builders | ecI218 I}} rose to the highest price since September/September this month.
She said the National Association of home builders housing market index that rose to 59 from 54 in may, compared with expectations for a reading of 56.
The dollar index, which measures the dollar against a basket of six major currencies, rose 0.12% up to 102.69.

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